Saturday, 7 March 2015

Read to Self

We are learning to read to self. This builds our reading stamina and helps us to get better at reading. We also have lots of fun reading!

Success Criteria

  • I read quietly
  • I concentrate on the book
  • I stay in space
  • I read the whole time
  • I get started straight away

How I am going

Read to self
Kerri thinks


I really like: reading to self because I can read in my head

I think I need to practice: stop talking to my friends 

You are a great reader and you stay in one spot and focus on your book when you are reading. Read to self is a time to build your reading stamina so you can read longer stories and chapter books. Remember to find a spot that is going to help you with your learning, maybe not by your friends so you can read quietly the whole time.

Monday, 2 March 2015


We are learning to build our confidence in and around the water. We practise our swimming skills and love to show off our new tricks.

This is what I have been practising:
Safe entry into the pool (1/4 turn entry)
Kerri thinks

Submerge and blow bubbles
Kerri thinks

Float on my back (Starfish)
Kerri thinks

Float on my front (Starfish)
Kerri thinks

Pick up objects with my hand
Kerri thinks

Rocket arms on my front
Kerri thinks

Rocket arms on my back
Kerri thinks



I am really proud of: rocket arms on my front.

It is tricky when: picking up objects 

The next thing I want to learn is: swim under water

You have got more and more confident in the water as the term has progressed Lizzy. You can go under the water and blow bubbles. Sometimes you can pick things up off the bottom of the pool, but you use your feet to help. When you are floating and doing rocket arms on your back remember to push your tummy up to the sky and to tilt your chin back to stop you from sinking.