Thursday, 25 June 2015

Nga Tae

We started by singing the colours song on our blog
Then in buddy time we shared the big book T-shirts. We thought we could use this book as inspiration for our learning so we made collage T-shirts. Rosie taught us how to say “This is my blue T-shirt” in Te Reo.

Success Criteria
ü  For the collage:
o   Small pieces of paper, the same colour
o   The white paper is all covered
o   Flappy edges glued down
ü  We know at least 4 colours in Te Reo
ü  We can say the colours correctly 

How I am going

I helped create the t-shirt collage
Kerri thinks

1 know the colours of the t-shirts in Te Reo 
Kerri thinks

1 can say the words correctly 
Kerri thinks


I really like: making the the t-shirt with my buddy and some other people.

I think I need to practice: some of the colours like kiwi kiwi (grey) and sometimes I get green and blue mixed up because kikorangi and kakariki sound a bit the same.

Something that really helped me was: singing the colours song

Kerri thinks
I think you know the colours and can say them correctly. I am pleased singing the colours song really helped you and I think doing loads of practise also helped. Keep on practising and you will grow in confidence so you know you know the colours! Rememebr to use your big voice (even on the stage) so we can all learn from you.

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