Sunday, 6 September 2015

Writing to describe

In High5 we have been practising writing to describe. That means we are trying to get the reader to see what we see, we are using our words to create a picture. We have been adding details to our writing to help make the picture clearer.

Our job is to do this planning and write our own story about a person in our family that is special to us.

Success Criteria:
  • I planned my writing 
  • I added details (what I can seehow my person moveswhat I might hear from my person)
  • I did some fixing by myself
My writing:


How I am going

I planned my writing
Kerri thinks

I added details (what I can seehow my person moveswhat I might hear from my person)
Kerri thinks

I did some fixing by myself
Kerri thinks

My favourite part was: planing my writing because we do it first sometimes.

It was really hard when: I had to add some more details to my writing because it was hard to think of more ideas.

Something that really helped me was: my plan because I could look back at it and see what to do next.

Something new I learned was: to describe what I could see, what I could hear and how I felt in my heart. 

Kerri Thinks
Great writing Lizzy. You add think before you start and add load of ideas to your plan. You then use you plan to make sure you have details in your story and this helps make you writing interesting for your reader. You reread your writing and are starting to do some fixing by yourself - you have another try at some tricky words and are even starting to add more ideas as you edit. Your next learning step is to make sure your your ideas are grouped. This will help make yur writing easier for the reader to understand.

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